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I make up Grow Tents per request. The tent is 1700 mm high x 1050 mm wide x 450 mm deep. This includes an aluminium base , 3 x reflective blankets that need to be put on the inside of the tent between the frame and material and lighting suspension bar so that the lights can be raised or lowered. Tent only is R900 and comes partially setup and labeled for a hassle free no brainer setup and makes collection in a car or courier very easy.

From there It can be fitted with Full Spectrum LED grow lights with red and blue maximum wavelengths used for vegetative growth and budding/fruiting.

There is no need to change the light as it does both vegetative and budding. The 50w lights are R850 each and the tent requires 2 or 3 of them, plus R100 for wiring which includes 4 meters of cable , connectors, ripbox and 16A plug top. So R1800  for 2 lights or R2650 for 3 which come wired up and ready to use.

The tent needs 23 CFU worth of extraction for the size to keep mold and pests away from the leaves and get rid of moisture on the leaves to ensure the plant pulls up more nutrients from the roots, aiding in plant growth. The extraction I supply is a 30 CFU 230v AC impedance protected metal casing fan and is mounted on aluminum brackets with a 4 meter cable and 3 prong plug. It slips perfectly in the top of the tent and comes with a gasket and screws to finish  off the extraction hole nicely. This is R530.

The tent can just be plugged in, with the extractor and lights on different plugs. This means that the fan can run 24/7 and you can just have the lights off at intervals on a wall timer. Please contact me for any further information needed.

Full Setup with 2 x Lights = R3230

Full Setup with 3 x Lights = R4080

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