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I make up Grow Tents per request. The tent is 1700 mm high x 1050 mm wide x 450 mm deep. This includes an aluminium base , 3 x reflective blankets that need to be put on the inside of the tent between the frame and material and lighting suspension bar so that the lights can be raised or lowered. Tent only is R900 and comes partially setup and labeled for a hassle free no brainer setup and makes collection in a car or courier very easy.

From there It can be fitted with Full Spectrum LED grow lights with red and blue maximum wavelengths used for vegetative growth and budding/fruiting.

There is no need to change the light as it does both vegetative and budding. The 50w lights are R850 each and the tent requires 2 or 3 of them, plus R100 for wiring which includes 4 meters of cable , connectors, ripbox and 16A plug top. So R1800  for 2 lights or R2650 for 3 which come wired up and ready to use.

The tent needs 23 CFU worth of extraction for the size to keep mold and pests away from the leaves and get rid of moisture on the leaves to ensure the plant pulls up more nutrients from the roots, aiding in plant growth. The extraction I supply is a 30 CFU 230v AC impedance protected metal casing fan and is mounted on aluminum brackets with a 4 meter cable and 3 prong plug. It slips perfectly in the top of the tent and comes with a gasket and screws to finish  off the extraction hole nicely. This is R530.

The tent can just be plugged in, with the extractor and lights on different plugs. This means that the fan can run 24/7 and you can just have the lights off at intervals on a wall timer. Please contact me for any further information needed.

Full Setup with 2 x Lights = R3230

Full Setup with 3 x Lights = R4080

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This system is a low volume high pressure system that uses the sun’s power to provide free water from a borehole , wellpoint or any other clean water source.

It pumps around 5 litres a minute but can pump throughout the day to fill a tank.

I have first installed one for my own personal use to flush the toilets and full the swimming pool. This has dramatically reduced water usage! With this pump there are lots of uses and the water supplied doesn’t cost you a cent! I can show you how i have installed mine with valves for easy operation. It works best using a pool as a holding tank for your water as it can be filtered before use in toilets to prevent staining.

It comes with 8 meter suction pipe, 90w 12v solar panels, strainer end, one way hand primer valve and control box with pump , battery and charge controller. The pump runs about 2 hours on a fully charged battery. The on/off switch for the pump is located in the control box. A timer can be added to the system at an additional cost.

This is for use in areas with a high water table. My pump sucks around 4 meters but 6 or 7 would be fine too. It has a very strong pushing pressure at 0.9Mpa.

Let me know where you want to use it and I can advise you. The outlet is a regular 12.5mm garden hose outlet so your garden hose adapter will clip strait onto the pump outlet!

This systems would also work great for aeroponics as it has a lot of pressure for water misters. Price: R3995

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These mini systems are great to use to aerate your birdbath  water and attract birds to it or for use in small water features that only require water to be pumped 45cm or less vertically.

They come with water feature spray nozzles for different effects.

These pumps can also be used in small hydroponic systems for water flow where the maximum  pumping height is not higher then 45cm.

They deliver 150 Litres per hour.

Please make sure the pumps are checked regularly for clogging so as to lengthen its life.Also please disconnect the pump at the waterproof connection when working on it or taking it out of the water to prevent it running dry and burning out!



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This product is based on updating the brushless solar pump technology which overcomes the shortcomings of hard start, low efficiency and poor stability.


Max Working Head:  4.5 Meters

Flow rate:                       800L/H


The water pump will not work without sunlight. It will restart as soon as the sunlight re-appears. Over sized panels means better performance during low light conditions.


Place the panel against a rock or mount in such a way as to get the most amount of direct sunlight. Connect your water feature hose before operating pump to prevent damage. Submerge the pump well below the waterline taking care not to let it sit in debris that can clog the pump.


Make sure the plug (water proof connection) is inserted the correct way round(it can only fit one way) and that the water proof seal is screwed up reasonably tightly.


Exceeding head height may shorten lifespan. Routine maintenance should be carried out so that the pump does not get clogged or the rotor get jammed and burn out. Please be careful not to get the waterproof connection wet before you have connected it to prevent contact oxidization.

The stainer can be removed simply by pulling it off and the can be cleaned and replaced. This is there to protect the pump and lengthen the pumps life.


Hydroponics / Aquaponics, Water Features, Small Fishponds, School Projects and other applications involving solar energy Presentations requiring small volumes of water at remote locations.


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These use 50w true power EPILED gold wire chips to make your plants grow like crazy!

They make use of both red and blue full wave lengths with other wavelengths blended in to create the perfect balance of photosynthetically active radiation.

Power : 50W

Chip Brand:Epileds

Beam Angle: 140 deg.

Wire: Pure 1.2mm gold wire

Current: 1500mA

Colour output: Full Spectrum 380nm-840nm

These lights come ready to plug in and have their own reflectors and mounting brackets.