High pressure solar pumping system suitable for low volume high pressure output applications and gravity systems.


This system is a low volume high pressure system that uses the sun’s power to provide free water from a borehole , wellpoint or any other clean water source.

It pumps around 5 litres a minute but can pump throughout the day to fill a tank.

I have first installed one for my own personal use to flush the toilets and full the swimming pool. This has dramatically reduced water usage! With this pump there are lots of uses and the water supplied doesn’t cost you a cent! I can show you how i have installed mine with valves for easy operation. It works best using a pool as a holding tank for your water as it can be filtered before use in toilets to prevent staining.

It comes with 8 meter suction pipe, 90w 12v solar panels, strainer end, one way hand primer valve and control box with pump , battery and charge controller. The pump runs about 2 hours on a fully charged battery. The on/off switch for the pump is located in the control box. A timer can be added to the system at an additional cost.

This is for use in areas with a high water table. My pump sucks around 4 meters but 6 or 7 would be fine too. It has a very strong pushing pressure at 0.9Mpa.

Let me know where you want to use it and I can advise you. The outlet is a regular 12.5mm garden hose outlet so your garden hose adapter will clip strait onto the pump outlet!

This systems would also work great for aeroponics as it has a lot of pressure for water misters. Price: R3995


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